Abby Monkey® Musical Puzzle Games: Music & Songs Builder Learning Toy for Toddlers and Preschool Kids Examine App

App update.

Please update the app so it works with the new iOS. It won’t work anymore.

Doesn’t work with recent iOS updates

I paid for this app and now it doesn’t work since I updated my phone. It was my grandsons favorite. Please make an iOS 11 update so he can play again and I will give it 5 stars

Game Review

Fun game for smaller kids. My 4 year old daughter was bored with it after 10min. Not enough variety. Kinda bummed I spent $ on it.


This was my son's first experience with an app that has a musical element to it (besides my GarageBand app of course). Though he doesn't exactly have the beat part down yet...he's having a good time just playing. It's keeping him busy and sometimes that's all you can ask for! Will continue to use this app.

Still Strong!

Just wanted to followup and say that my kid is STILL playing this game. . . Which is remarkable for a boy that easily gets bored with other apps the very same day. Keep it up!!


A good music app designed for children. Quite educational. Kids enjoyed playing the piano and the xylophone. Nice sound. Easy to use. And so many activities to assist the learning.


How great it works. You can even play an instrument after solving puzzle. The app has double educational effect. Perfectly suits for kids.

Nice educational app

Nice musical puzzle game for helping the toddlers build the appreciation of sounds and have a intuitive impression for various musical instruments. It's glad to see my three years old son have fun with it, but this app will be better if more features been added in the future update.


Really fun app for the kids. Allows them to express their creativity through making music at a young age. Great foundation for young musicians!


Kids love the cute characters and the gameplay. The graphics are fantastic. They never get bored with this. Great way to keep the kids busy.


Kids may like it.

the name is too long

the name of this app is very long and therefore hard to remember in order to share


Great for kids

My son loves it!

My son is about to start preschool and he absolutely loves playing with this app! I can tell he is learning from it too :)

Colorful and interesting

This app loads quickly. I showed it to my niece and she loved it. Better view on iPad though b

Music & Puzzles

Great concept to combo puzzles and music learning. The sound effects make an excellent motivator if your kids are not big puzzlers yet. And with 6 different puzzle exercises - its actually great value too.


My kids absolutely LOVE this app, and are constantly asking to play it! It's great to see them improve skills, and as a parent, this is one of the BEST apps I have seen. So many options and they really are developing skills while learning to love music! 10 stars!

So cute and fun to play

My daughter loves this app so much! Got her hooked since the day I first downloaded it :)

Love this music app.

My daughter loves this app. There are so many music choices! The music machine is great and you can play tunes on the piano! She also loves the xylophone just as much as her real one. Great game for children to learn to appreciate music and expand creativity.

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